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Product codeDescription
DA1007-EX-1Exterior MidspanUPS 7Ah 1 x 30W PoE+ injector
DA1007-EX-2Exterior MidspanUPS 7Ah 2 x 30W PoE+ injector
DA1007-EX-4Exterior MidspanUPS 7Ah 4 x 30W PoE+ injector
DA1007-EX-1-GExterior MidspanUPS 7Ah 1 x 30W Gigabit PoE+ injector
DA1007-EX-2-GExterior MidspanUPS 7Ah 2 x 30W Gigabit PoE+ injector
DA1007-EX-4-GExterior MidspanUPS 7Ah 4 x 30W Gigabit PoE+ injector
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Exterior 7Ah MidspanUPS™


The DA1007-EX MidspanUPS 7Ah PoE injector is ideal for harsh outdoor environments where up to four devices require PoE power up to 30W each. With one, two or four through-port models available, you can connect devices to be powered with or without a data connection.

One, two or four output versions are available. Each output has an RJ45 data port,(e.g. from the network switch) and an RJ45 load port for the PoE device, that outputs the data and power.

Outputs have LED indication to show if a compatible device is connected and powered. In addition there are SPCO clean contacts for monitoring the power status of each output. The unit also has power on LED indication and SPCO clean contacts to signal power failure.

Estimated stand-by times

Output loadBattery capacity
5W9 Hours65 Hours100 Hours
12W4 Hours30 Hours44 Hours
25W1.75 Hours14.5 Hours20 Hours
50W40 Minutes6.5 Hours9.5 Hours
75W23 Minutes4 Hours6 Hours
100W14 Minutes2.75 Hours4 Hours

Where to buy

SecurePoE is available from all good stockists. A selection of some of the approved distributors is listed here.